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on site bit sharpening

Button Sharpening On Site

For bits that just need to be sharpened, our mobile sharpening unit will come to your location and take care of it on the spot.

Magna Flux service

Magna-Flux Services

We Magna-Flux every bit that comes to our shop ensuring that you get the life you want out of your rebuilt bit. Magna-Fluxing allows us to check for cracks/breaks.


Bit Buildup

For bits that have been cut down by body wear, we offer bit buildup to bring your bit back to its proper size.


Button Replacement

All broken or missing buttons are burned out and replaced with new custom fitted carbide buttons.


Button Sharpening at facility

All buttons that aren’t burned out and replaced will be sharpened to to you the overall quality and feel of a brand new bit.


Drill-Back Button Install

Upon request, we will mill new holes and install drill-back buttons. This allows you to cut your way back out of a hole should you ever have to.


Pickup & Delivery Service

Our personal drivers will come to you to pick up the bits that need to be rebuilt, and/or drop off the ones that we’ve already rebuilt, this ensures that we get our job done as fast as possible to get you back out doing what you do best.


Urgent Services

We value our customers, you are our #1 priority, therefore we are at your service 24 hours a day. Our goal is to help you do your job by providing prompt, quality service. If we are not in the shop, we will always answer our phones.

pick up and delivery service